The MPM Club Gold – Annual Membership – Gift Version

Give the gift of an annual Gold Membership to the MPM Club to your friends and family!


  1. Click “Add to Cart” below and then “Checkout”
  2. There will be a section on the checkout page to insert the gift recipient’s name and email as well as a place to write them a short message.
  3. The final prompt will ask you if you want us to deliver the gift by email or if you want to deliver it yourself. An email with the details of the gift will be sent to the recipient if this box is checked.
  4. The gift is created as a unique coupon code on The Meal Prep Manual website and set to a 100% discount. The code will be generated upon purchase and is only visible in the email to your recipient and on the purchase confirmation page. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THIS CODE AND KEEP IT SOMEWHERE SAFE.
  5. The gift’s recipient simply visits the registration page on this site, enters their details and the coupon code for a free membership.