Ham and Bean Soup

Ham and Bean Soup made up of ham, shredded chicken, white beans, potatoes, and vegetables. A great option to add to your soup rotation for the winter. Soups are great options for meal prep if you don’t have to travel with your meals because they keep the best in the fridge over the week.


546 CALS





55g 60g 10g


The information in the following tables are estimates for the total nutrition of the recipe, as written.  If you follow the recipe listed above, as written, you can use these tables to determine the nutrition information if you wanted to split the recipe, as written, into more or less servings than what is originally listed.  If you update the number of servings in the “Servings” field of the recipe above, the information in these tables are no longer accurate as you have updated the ingredients. 

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  1. Bonnie Ogle

    Did you forget the kale and potatoes in the ingredients?

    1. Josh Cortis

      Whoops. Thanks for the note, it’s fixed now 👍

  2. Lorraine

    5 stars
    Thank you for sharing. My whole family enjoyed this, including my 11 and 7 year old boys. Easy way to use some left over ham from Christmas.

  3. Tammy Copeland

    I’m just wondering how much kale and potatoes? It’s not listed in the ingredients.

    1. Tammy Copeland

      I refreshed the page and the recipe was corrected.

  4. Maria Roman

    How come when saved to favorites the exact portions don’t cross over? For example, I opened this from my favorites and it listed 2.4 cans of beans instead of the actual weight. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. Josh Cortis

      Hello, you may need update the amount of servings in the Favorites. When you add a recipe to your Favorites I think it automatically goes to the default number of servings. You can update the amount of servings you want to make in there and then click regenerate shopping list. It will also give you the option to choose imperial or metric weights for the list.

  5. Jennifer Macauley

    5 stars
    Fantastic! Thanks for something so flavorful and filling!

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