Stewed Pork and Beans

Stewed Pork and Beans made using ham, pork, sausage, and black beans. This recipe was inspired by the Brazilian dish Feijoada but I adapted it to make it a bit more meal prep friendly. The traditional dish is made using many parts of the pig and calabresa sausage which is not easy to find in the States.


548 CALS





46g 44g 21g


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  1. Anthony Potts

    5 stars
    My dad lived in Brazil for a bit in his teens and feijoada is something that became a staple in our house growing up. I really like to use dried beans instead, and a pressure cooker makes this very easy to make A LOT of it in a short amount of time. Prior to using the pressure cooker, it would take 6 hours (not including soaking the beans) and now I can get it done in less than an hour. I prefer the dried beans because it gives a really nice deep purple color, where canned doesn’t get that.

  2. Scott Grieve

    A couple of notes for that made this delish for me. I used the whole tin of black beans instead of draining, it gave the stew a thickness that was great. Just cooked it down so there was less liquid at the end.

    We don’t get collard greens in Aus, so I used frozen spinach and kale, cooked them out with garlic powder but added some ground nutmeg.

    Nice recipe Josh!

  3. Josephine Pride

    5 stars
    This is so tasty, I almost forgot this was healthy. Adding this to the regular rotation.

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