California Burrito Bowls

California Burrito Bowls made with marinated chicken thighs, Mexican rice, potatoes, and vegetables. Served with a side of fresh Pico de Gallo for lots of low calorie flavor.


513 CALS





37g 44g 21g


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  1. Lydia Jean

    5 stars
    Such a great recipe! My whole family loved it and with the amount we eat, we had enough for 7 portions. No one could’ve guessed this was a healthy meal, because it tastes so good. Will definitely do it again and again.

  2. Sarah

    5 stars
    Really good. Takes a bit of work with all the different steps but great flavor. I’ll probably double veggies next time for more volume but I know you don’t love them veggies.

  3. Tiziana Garner

    5 stars

  4. Jody

    5 stars
    So good!! Made it twice so far. Lots of components but the final product is delicious.

  5. Carlie Edwards

    5 stars
    Made this without the potatoes (& with store bought pico because I’m lazy and it’s better that way) it’s literally the best recipe I’ve ever tried. This is a 10/10 and will be a constant in my household.

    1. Josh Cortis

      Wow that is so awesome to hear, thank you 😊

  6. rugamutzgmail-com

    5 stars
    The chipotle mayo and pico keep this tasting fresh every day. Have made it a couple times and it’s good every time.

  7. Joshua Troncoso

    5 stars
    This is literally my favorite meal prep ever 😀 sooooo freaking good

  8. Kristen Brandon

    5 stars
    This meal was sooo good. There was indeed a lot of prep work. I will be making it again, but probably will go with some store bought items, like pico, just to save some time.

  9. Heather Chrane-DeJarnett

    5 stars
    10 stars, coworkers are jealous of my lunch every day.

  10. O D

    5 stars
    Absolutely amazing flavor on the chicken! I couldn’t help but snack on the pieces as the meal was cooling; I will definitely use that recipe for a dinner dish at some point.
    However, I had a problem with getting it to cook at the time specified (it took about 30 minutes). I was wondering if the wire-rimmed setup could be the problem (the chicken not absorbing all the heat from the pan); I’ve never used this method before and normally cook for less time than specified in your recipes (I’ve got a hot-cooking oven).

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