Mexican Beef & Potatoes

Mexican Beef and Potatoes made from ground beef, tomaotes, potatoes, rice and topped with cotija cheese. Serve with a lime wedge to spritz over the top for added freshness.


544 CALS





39g 42g 25g


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  1. Mike Contino

    4 stars
    Really easy to make and the flavor is good enough.

  2. fatandy

    4 stars
    Just a nice mix of flavors and texture, especially with the potatoe in the mix. Verdict is still out on the cotija cheese, didn’t really add enough for me to notice honestly, but might try with Mexican shredded blend. Jalapeno hot sauce goes well with this one

  3. Pepper Rabulan

    5 stars
    One of my favorite recipes. Easy to make and the Cotija Cheese adds a nice savory flavor to the meal!

  4. Bilal Shaheed

    5 stars
    absolutely fkin delicious! i cheated and used shredded cheddar instead of cotija, but hey….

  5. Breanna C

    5 stars
    Loved how quick this recipe makes up. Super tasty and filling

  6. Rachael Baker

    5 stars
    One of my favorite recipes. I added WAY WAY more spices until it tasted like I wanted, I used more lime, and I cooked my potatoes longer. I also found this recipe to be really quick to make compared to some others. Since it’s Mexican you can play with salsa, queso, cheese, or whatever flavors you want to add to spice it up.

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