Recipe Collections Instructions

Recipe Collections Instructions

1. Click on Either Collection to open. The “My favorites” Collection is a blank folder. The Weekly Planner is a template set up for each day of the week. You can also click the “+” to create a new collection.

2. Once you open a collection you can define a name for each set if you wish. To add recipes to the collection, click add item. The “i” icon is to set a description for the collection and is unimportant, just ignore it. The Broom icon is to clear the recipes from your collection. The clipboard is a toggle to either show or hide the nutritional facts. The Cart icon is to generate a shopping list. Clicking on “Your Collections” at any time will bring you back to the previous page with all of your collections.

3. Once you click Add Item, there will be a drop down box with options to Add from Collections, Add Recipes from the website, Add Custom Recipes, or Add a Note. Clicking the “Search Recipes” selection will give you a search box beneath and you can search for the recipe from the website you would like to add. You can then click the “+” next to the recipes to add them to the collection.

4. You can also add recipes to your collections from the actual recipe pages on the website. In the recipe cards next to the “Print Recipe” button there is a button that says “Add to Collection”. Note that to see this button you must be signed in.

5. Once you have found a recipe to add to the collection you can increase or decrease the number of servings you want to make by clicking the “-” or “+” buttons on the recipe block. Beneath that recipe is an estimate for the nutritional facts of that recipe per serving. To generate a shopping list, click on the cart icon at the top.

6. You will then be taken to a page that gives you an option for what recipes from that collection you want to include the shopping list as well as a toggle for US Customary or Metric measurements. Once you are ready to move on, click on the shopping cart icon again to generate the list.

7. When you have your shopping list you can then cross off any ingredients you already have on hand. When you are ready to regenerate this list with future recipes, click on the refresh cart icon to reset the list.

8. The Weekly Planner Collection is a template collection I have created that gives you a place to place meals for each day of the week. You can add as many meals as you want to these days and it will provide you estimates for the nutritional totals for each day that includes those meals.

9. Once you choose meals, you can hard press over the two parallel lines and drag the meals where you need them to be. If you also want to use this collection to generate a shopping list, make sure you decrease the amount of servings to 1 for each day, otherwise you’re going to buy way too much food. Clicking the ellipsis on the recipe blocks will duplicate the meals and you can drag them over to other days.

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