Italian Beef and Rice

Italian Beef and Rice, a meal prep friendly version of the Italian Beef Sandwich. Ground beef mixed with tangy Italian dressing and pepperoncinis served with jammy sweet onions and red bell peppers. Top it with a slice of provolone cheese for even more richness.


620 CALS





40g 37g 34g


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  1. Kate Milburn

    5 stars
    Love this one! I’ve been swapping in Banza pasta for the rice and it might be my new favorite because it is so easy to make.

  2. fatandy

    4 stars
    This is another one of my favorites. Absolutely love the flavor, reminds me of Italian festival time. I will usually increase the pepperocinis. If you keep ground beef frozen on hand, this one is another easy to make/keep ingredients. I always slice extra peppers/onions and freeze for this one to make

  3. Brandon

    5 stars
    Just made this tonight for the first time and loved it! One question – can’t seem to find it on My Fitness Pal (specifically the weight loss version). Any tips on finding these recipes? Thanks!

    1. Josh Cortis

      Unfortunately MyFitnessPal has been extremely uncooperative with getting these recipes into the system which makes no sense to me at all. Right now the way I have to do it is to create the foods myself and when I do that and they are “unverified” anyone can go in and change them so there are a handful of recipes on here that someone changed the name of or even nutritional facts. I’m in talks with some other apps and am looking to build something native to the site as well

      1. Brandon Marinelli

        5 stars
        Got it….I’ve recently started using it again after not using it for a while and agree that it has become much less user friendly than it once was. I discovered I could manually enter the calorie count in so that works – thanks for the response and hope you can find a suitable alternative!

  4. Anthony Falbo

    4 stars
    I didn’t expect this one to work as good as it does. Definitely get this one into your rotation

  5. Pepper Rabulan

    5 stars
    This was a very easy recipe to make! Not a lot of chopping and cooking. Very flavorful!

  6. Josh Cleary

    One of my favorites. I add mushrooms and redpepper. So good.

  7. Andrew Tonne

    5 stars
    Super easy to make and it tasted delicious, definitely going into my regular rotation. I sauteed some spinach with the beef to add another veggie element to it and it was fantastic.

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