Mediterranean Turkey Skillet

Ground turkey, tomatoes, olives, and spinach mixed in a red wine sauce to give a tangy flavor that works great as a meal prep Mediterranean Turkey Skillet.  This dish is served with a side of lemon rice and tzatziki sauce.


490 CALS





27g 39g 25g


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  1. Ryan Koehler

    4 stars
    I’ve made a lot of recipes from this site, and they’ve consistently hit the mark for me. 5 stars every time. However, this particular dish did NOT work for me. I was a bit skeptical of the ingredient list when I was looking it over, but thought I would try it regardless. Perhaps the dish is designed to rely heavily on the tzatziki sauce, and perhaps the storebought version I bought was not to my liking but overall I was really not a fan. Regardless, HUGE fan of the rest of your work! Giving 4 stars in case the storebought sauce wasn’t playing well with the base flavor of this dish.

  2. Brooke

    5 stars
    I think Ryan in the other comment may have gotten a bad tzatziki sauce or something (I’ve definitely had bad-tasting store bought stuff) because I used Josh’s recipe that he links to here and it was fantastic. I was shocked at how filling it was! Will make this again for sure. (I’m a huge fan of yogurt sauces though so maybe I’m biased, haha).

    I did swap in Kalamata olives though! They added a lot of flavor. I only did a handful and then sliced them, very tasty.

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