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The MPM Club is a subscription service that gives you access to hundreds of recipes including meal prep, freezer-friendly snacks, and dessert recipes.  Membership to the MPM Club also comes with access to guided mobility videos from TMPM Athletics to augment your training and everyday life.  Members receive access to all current and future recipes in the recipe index for under $5/month with Annual memberships.


A wide variety of recipes specifically designed for meal prepping with weight gain and weight loss friendly versions included.  Save your favorite recipes in your Recipe Collections, generate shopping lists, and update any recipe to fit the number of servings you need.  All recipe include both imperial and metric measurements.


Freezer friendly snacks to build Snack City in your freezer.  Meal prep your snacks too and you can have a buffet of choices that are high in protein, filling, and delicious for whenever you need them.


Sweet treats that are calorie and macro friendly to help curb any sweet tooth you may develop.  Some of these high protein, lower calorie desserts are just as good as the real thing.


In addition to the recipes, membership in the MPM Club also comes with Guided Mobility Workouts from TMPM Athletics.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, every recipe has estimates for the calorie and macronutrient totals calculated using MyFitnessPal.   Note that these values are estimates and exact values for your own meals may slightly vary depending on weights of meat and vegetables or different brands of ingredients.  If you need precise values you should always weigh and calculate everything on your own.  If you just need estimates for calories and macronutrient totals, the values on the recipes should be proximate. 

All of the meal prep recipes included in the MPM Club have versions to make them more weight loss or weight gain friendly.  However, because calorie intakes for weight gain and weight loss will be different for everyone you ultimately need to determine what serving size you need to fit your needs.

The only difference is in the payment frequency and averaged cost.  The Gold Membership billed monthly is $7/month or $84/year.  The Gold Membership billed annually provides the best value and equates to $4.17/month or $50/year.  The content included in the Gold Membership is the same regardless of the billing frequency.

 Yes.  The recipes include both imperial and metric measurements as well as an adjuster for how many servings you need.  As a note, I use metric measurements especially for the dessert recipes.  If you want them to turn out as close to how I make them as possible, I recommend buying a food scale.  They are cheap and available on Amazon. 

The Meal Prep Manual digital cookbooks were the original home for the recipes found on this website. All of the recipes in the three digital cookbooks are included in the MPM Club membership.  However, if the membership based program isn’t for you each of the digital cookbooks can be purchased for a one time fee of $10 and you will have the PDF files as long as you keep them on your device!  Members of the MPM Club will have access to all new recipes developed in the future. The digital cookbooks only have a limited number of recipes. 

Yes! The Gold – Annual subscription to the MPM Club is available to be sent as a gift.  Click on this link to view!

Send the MPM Club as a gift.